Charity Specialists

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Why use a firm that specialises in charities and the not for profit sector?

Accounting for and advising a charity is a complex and technical area. Straight forward questions that seem easily answered on the face of it take on a whole new perspective when viewed in the light of charity SORPs, Gift Aid, VAT, Corporation Tax and Charity Law.

Time and time again we come across charities that have not been getting appropriate advice from professionals experienced in this area. Using Chartered Accountants who have the relevant experience will ensure that you and your organisation get advice and service you can fully rely upon.

Even if you want just to check something with us, we will be happy to talk to you. Our substantial experience in dealing with charities and our wide network of professional experts in this sector means that we are well placed to advise, alert and guide you.

Call us today if there is something you are just not sure about … we are very happy to help.

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