Mission & Vision

27317592 - our vision

Core Values and a sense of purpose and direction allow us to focus on what’s really important and not to get side-tracked. Here is our Mission and Vision:

Mission Statement

We will predominantly work with organisations in and related to the charitable and voluntary sectors as partners to help them achieve their desired outcomes.

We will use our extensive knowledge of law and regulations to help our clients comply in areas of charity and company financial reporting and taxation. Client’s expectations will be that we will always get this right.

Apart from our compliance work we will seek to advise our clients in areas concerning general administration, systems, tax, best practice and new initiatives.

In the above, we will maintain regular proactive contact with our clients and be partners of first call.

We will partner with other like-minded professionals to bring our clients advice and guidance in areas where we are not qualified or experienced.

We will at all times be mindful of our professional independence and our duty of confidentiality.

We will embrace an ethical and environmental code which enhances the community in which we work.

We will be generous!

We will be clear about our billing policy and fees and leave no areas of doubt about our clients’ investment in us, their responsibilities and our responsibilities.


We will be known for our committed, wholehearted and professional support for organisations working in the charitable and voluntary sectors and those companies and individuals closely associated with them.

We will aim to grow steadily so that growth is controlled and qualitative.

We will be conscious of our environmental responsibilities and try to minimise any negative impact on the environment.

We will support our community.

We will be proactive.

We will only work with clients that we enjoy working with and where we can bring added value.

Our team will be well trained and well paid and will be respected and treated as individuals.

Hewitt Warin will be a great place to work and clients will actively want to engage with us.