Audit and Independant Examination Services

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Getting Value out of Audit and Independent Examination

It’s all about attitude. If you set off just to be a bean counter … then a bean counter you will be!

We are Registered Auditors and are regulated by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales. This means that we are up to date, have to keep to high professional standards and have processes and professional insurances in place to ensure that you are never at risk should something go wrong.

All of our audit and independent examination clients will receive specific feedback on areas where they can improve their systems, make savings, do things more efficiently or just get it right. We just will not perform the minimum of ticking boxes. This brings no value and leaves clients without good advice.

An important part of audit and independent examinations is the feedback we give our clients. As well as giving informal advice during our field-work, we also feedback at the end of our work. This mix of formal and informal advice and feed-back helps our clients develop and improve systems year by year.

We audit a wide variety of organisations and report under the Charity Act and the Companies Act. We also have experience in providing specialist reports to local authorities and grant making bodies in relation to funding they have provided.

We have our work independently assessed for quality. This is something we do voluntarily and it goes beyond the minimum quality requirements set out by our professional body.

In all of our work in these areas we try our utmost to bring value and the benefit of our experience.